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Be a part of the imperative change in Gujarat. Help marginalized students strive for better education, low-income families and displaced women improve their quality of life, and ultra-poor seniors receive much-needed medical attention.

Shukhar Foundation is on a mission to help ultra-poor families meet the basic needs of life.

Causes We Are Serving

Educational Support

Educational Support

The Students Sponsorship Program is enabling the poor children of Gujarat to obtain basic education in English medium. We are also trying our best

Helping Displaced Women

Helping Displaced Women

Our Malia Hatina Hostel has become a sanctuary of last resort for some of the students’ mothers, whom Shukhar Foundation sponsors under the Student Sponsorship Program. We are striving for their improved quality of life.

Social & Economic Sustainability

Social & Economic Sustainability

Last year, we distributed 300+ food packages to devastated families. In addition, we are motivated to provide needed medical attention to the family members of our students who are under our care through the Student Sponsorship Program.

About Shukhar Foundation

Who we are

Fifteen years ago, a group of friends from Vancouver were on vacation to India for the first time in their lives. They saw a wonderful country with some fantastic people, but also extreme poverty and a dire need for social housing, so they made a pact to serve the most vulnerable people of Gujarat within their capacities.

Fast forward to 2021, when Razia Suleman took over as Chairman of the foundation. Razia and her group of “Our Journey to Gujarat” have focused on Education in Gujarat and social welfare for the students’ families.

Women Under Shelter
Medical Cases
Families Under Welfare
Students Educated

Our Misson

We strive to educate the marginalized students of Gujarat and uplift the socio-economic status of their impoverished families.

Quality Education

Shukhar Foundation is sponsoring the education of many disempowered students of Gujarat under the Student Sponsorship Program.

Improved Quality Of Life

We are helping the families of our sponsored students to meet the basic needs of life. Our Malia Hatina Hostel is providing shelter to the displaced mothers of some of our sponsored students.

Medical Attention

Many of our sponsored students have parents/grandparents who need medical attention, but they cannot afford it. Hence, Shukhar Foundation is making it possible for them.

Help Shukhar Foundation

  • For the education of marginalized students of Gujarat
  • For the improved quality of life of their ultra-poor families
  • For much-needed medical care for their family members