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Be a part of the imperative change in Gujarat. Help marginalized students with the Education Sponsorship Program, improve displaced women’s and low-income families’ quality of life with the Family Sponsorship Program, and help ultra-poor seniors receive much-needed medical attention with the Medical Support Program.

Shukhar Foundation is on a mission to help ultra-poor families meet the basic needs of life.

Causes We Are Serving

Educational Support

Educational Support

The Students Sponsorship Program is enabling the poor children of Gujarat to obtain basic education in English medium. We are also trying our best to find better schools for educating these kids.

Social & Economic Sustainability

Social & Economic Sustainability

How Shukhar Foundation Celebrated End of Fasting in Gujarat – Muslims all across the Globe observe the month of Ramadan by fasting or keeping Roja, from sunrise to sunset. Keeping Roja entails refraining from drinking even a drop of water or a morsel of food.

Rahim - Providing Support for Mental Health

Medical Emergencies

Our work in Gujarat has brought us face to face with individuals and families who are in desperate need of help to deal with mental illness. Many families have come forward to seek help in spite of the fact that society still looks down at those battling such heart wrenching conditions.

Aga Khan School Chitravad Receives an Award

Principal of Aga Khan School Chitrawad Receives an Award From Ministry of Education

We want to inform you with great pride and joy that Aga Khan School Chitravad has been awarded the second number at the district level of Gir Somnath in the overall category by the Ministry of Education Government of India. Agakhan School Chitravad has been awarded the first position in the sub-category of cleanliness and maintenance of toilets. Most of our sponsored students attend this school. We hope you will find joy in learning about this award.

This award is for keeping the school clean and tidy in all respects.

Thank you

Aga Khan School, Chitravad

Featured Stories

Helping Mahek From Birth

Helping Mahek From Birth

Ahmedabad council first approached us to give help to Kulsumben Wadiwalla as a cow kicked her son and his wife was…

Priya and Lucky Nayani Success Story

Priya and Lucky Nayani Success Story

During our 2011 visit to Gujarat, when Priya was 6yrs old and Lucky was 4 yrs old, their mother came from her village to meet with us in Porbandar.

Story Of Aaliya

An Inspiring Story of Hope

This is one of our new cases. Aaliya’s father died 6 years ago. Her mother left home. Aaliya was being looked after by her grandmother and uncle in Mahuva. It was a bad situation for her as until 8 years old she didn’t go to school as she was the little helper in their house. Now she is at Rajkot Hostel and studying at one of the best schools there.

Mentally Challenged Son And Destitute Mother

Mentally Challenged Son And Destitute Mother

She is the mother of the candidate in the picture.

She contacted local community leaders in sheer distress and frustration as she had wasted precious years getting her son “treated” at a religious shrine.

About Shukhar Foundation

Shukhar Foundation Volunteers

A group of volunteers, under Razia Nathani Suleman’s leadership from Vancouver, BC, has been engaged in Gujarat, India, since 2004. Gujarat has a sizable Ismaili presence. In addition, there are numerous Ultra Poor residents in urban areas such as Ahmedabad, Porbandar, Rajkot, etc., and the rural regions.

We have been providing various types of assistance and support with the sole objective of improving the quality of life of these families. With the help of Institutions and social welfare volunteers in Gujarat, we have identified families whose children are in desperate need of education and direction, which in the long run, will alleviate not only poverty but illiteracy as well.

Our work has been made possible by many generous donors both from within and outside the community.

We have incorporated checks and balances in our system both in Canada and Gujarat, enabling our work to be accountable and transparent.

Students Educated
Families Under Welfare
Medical Cases
Women Under Shelter

Our Misson

We strive to educate the marginalized students of Gujarat and uplift the socio-economic status of their impoverished families.

Quality Education

Shukhar Foundation is sponsoring the education of many disempowered students of Gujarat under the Student Sponsorship Program.

Improved Quality Of Life

We are helping the families of our sponsored students to meet the basic needs of life. Our Malia Hatina Hostel is providing shelter to the displaced mothers of some of our sponsored students.

Medical Attention

Many of our sponsored students have parents/grandparents who need medical attention, but they cannot afford it. Hence, Shukhar Foundation is making it possible for them.

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  • For the education of marginalized students of Gujarat
  • For the improved quality of life of their ultra-poor families
  • For much-needed medical care for their family members