About Shukhar Philanthropic Foundation

We are a passionate, dedicated, and registered Canadian charitable organization (Charity Registration No. 829010511RR0001) committed to transforming lives in Gujarat, focusing on empowering the region’s disadvantaged students and their families. For years, we have relentlessly worked to eradicate illiteracy and poverty from the roots, providing holistic solutions to socio-economic challenges.

Shukhar Philanthropic Foundation was born from realizing that education is a fundamental right and the primary vehicle for upward socio-economic mobility.

Understanding the complex challenges that ultra-poverty presents, we have tailored our efforts to include educational support for students and sustainable livelihoods for their families.

We strive to ensure that every child has access to quality education and that every family has the means to lead a dignified life. Our efforts extend to providing shelter and job opportunities for displaced mothers, recognizing their vital role in their children’s development and our society.

Our work is fueled by a team of compassionate professionals, tireless volunteers, and donations from generous donors, all of whom share a common vision – a prosperous, educated Gujarat where every family has the tools and opportunities to escape the cycle of poverty.

With every child we educate, every mother we shelter, and every job we provide, we’re rewriting the narrative of poverty, one life at a time. We believe that in the heart of every disadvantaged student lies the potential to change the world, and we are here to help them realize that potential.

Together, let’s build a brighter, more prosperous Gujarat. Your support can be the catalyst for this change, turning the tide for hundreds of families and lighting the beacon of hope for generations to come.

Join us in this cause – because every child deserves an education, and every family deserves a chance.

Mission Statement

We are striving to educate the disadvantaged students of Gujarat and uplift the socio-economic status of their impoverished families. Sometimes we provide shelter and jobs for the displaced mothers of our sponsored students. We are dedicated to helping the families of our sponsored students who are living ultra-poor life.

“When you find yourself in the position to help someone,
be happy and feel blessed because God is answering that person’s prayers through you.

Remember: Our purpose on earth is not to get lost in the dark but to be a light to others,
so that they may find God’s way through us.”

About Our History

Razia Suleman and Jennifer Nelson at the Cardston, AB Office.
Razia Suleman and Jennifer Nelson at the Cardston, AB Office.

In 2005, Razia Nathani Suleman embarked on a journey to ignite the spark amongst Gujarat’s most vulnerable. The mission and vision of the program are mainly to supplement the work of the local institutions in Gujarat, India, in assisting and uplifting the marginalized Ismaili Community of Gujarat.

The journey began in Porbander, a coastal town in Gujrat, from where many families had previously sailed to Africa to build a new life, including her own. In coming back to Porbander, Razia felt a natural affinity to the people there.

The program is funded by annual education sponsorships and one-time donations from generous donors, mainly from Canada and the USA.

96% of the funds are directly deployed in the root causes to better the beneficiaries’ quality of life.

Razia was soon joined by dedicated volunteers in Canada (Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto), and the USA.

To help and oversee that every penny of the funds has been appropriately deployed, every year since 2005, Razia and her team have visited India for a month at their own expense.

  • Over 700 students have benefited from the Education Sponsorship Program.
  • Over 200 low-income marginalized families have benefited from the Welfare Sponsorship Program.
  • Over 60 cases of medical and surgical assistance have been provided to families during various crisis.
  • Over 40 battered women have been assisted by placing them in shelters and providing them with employment opportunities.

In 2021, Razia Nathani Suleman and her dedicated volunteers took the Gujarat Journey into a new paradigm by merging and taking over Shukhar Philanthropic Foundation. Azim Sarangi liked the principles and the path that Gujarat Journey was on and decided to retire and gift the foundation to Gujarat Journey. 

The program’s current enrollment is approximately 150 students and 40 low-income welfare families.

We would be amiss if we did not mention that generous well-wishers and supporters like you fuel this program.

Thank you!

About Shameer & His Family

About Shameer & His Family

Shameer Suleman and his wife Natasha Suleman have been involved since the beginning, as Shameer is Razia’s son. Shameer has a deep connection to Gujarat and has visited many times to tour all the work being done, including the opening of the Sofia Hostel, named after his daughter. He hopes to be part of the next generation working with his mother to carry on all the fantastic work thus far.

Shie Hyland

About Shie Hyland

Shie Hyland, is the Principal of Hyland Bookkeeping and has been helping small businesses manage their bookkeeping for over 15 years. After obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree from Simon Fraser University, Shie worked in the hospitality industry for more than twenty years where she learned the value of good leadership and organizational skills.

Shie is passionate about being organized and efficient and brings with her a solid background in finance and banking through her work with Yorkton Securities and Bank of Montreal from the early days of her career. She concentrates on small businesses and offers them the services they need for efficiently running their daily operations. Her goal is to take the pressure of bookkeeping off their shoulders so that they can concentrate on growing their businesses. She prides herself on her attention to detail and her eagerness to face change and new challenges.

Jason Comin CPA, CA

About Jason Comin CPA, CA

Jason received his Bachelor of Commerce Degree from the University of Calgary and earned his CA Designation while working at Hudson & Company LLP in Calgary, Alberta.

After receiving his designation, he moved to Cardston, Alberta, to form Price & Comin LLP. The practice has grown from a single location and now has offices across southwestern Alberta.

Jason and his wife, Lisa, have seven children. In addition to enjoying his family and professional responsibilities, Jason has served as a member of the board of directors for various organizations, including the Community Foundation of Lethbridge and Southwestern Alberta, 1st Choice Savings and Credit Union, the Rotary Club of Cardston and the Cardston and District Chamber of Commerce.

About Ashif (Ace) Rashid

About Ashif (Ace) Rashid

Ashif Rashid (aka as Ace) and his wife, Tasneem Rashid, were first introduced to Gujrat Journey in 2017. They learned that over 90% of the funds collected are used directly to benefit the students and their families. They were so impressed that these dedicated volunteers’ work is changing the quality of lives of marginalized families that they decided to sponsor a young girl immediately.

Over time they saw how much time and effort Razia and her team were investing in this great cause, so Ashif decided to volunteer his own time and expertise to this cause as well.

Ashif is an internet marketing expert and the founder of Ace SEO Consulting, a digital marketing agency dedicated to helping small businesses grow their online visibility through ROI-based internet marketing solutions and SEO. Ashif got involved by personally creating monthly newsletters to share insightful stories and the journey of the families being helped.

Ashif has become even more invested in this charitable organization by taking care of all their web and marketing needs and going to India (in 2023) for the first time to see the program at work from ground zero.

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Our Journey Map

We begin Our Journey in Ahmedabad and drive along all these towns such as Sidhpur, Porbandar, Bhavnagar, Mahuva, Rajkot, and as far into the Kutch Bhuj area.

Our Causes

Our Hostels

Educational Support

The Educational Support Student Sponsorship Program enables marginalized and poor children in Gujarat to receive basic schooling up to grade 12 to provide opportunities for higher education to bright candidates who excel in their studies.

Improving quality of life

Improving quality of life

Our work in Gujarat has brought us face-to-face with individuals and families who are in desperate need of help to deal with mental illness. Many families have come forward to seek help in spite of the fact that society still looks down at those battling such heart-wrenching conditions.

Rickshaw rides for Jamatkhana - Social Support

Social Support

Contract has been made with 5 Rickshaws for seniors to travel to places of worship as well as to recreation club for seniors.