Meenaz Mulani

Meenaz’s family

MeenazMulani comes from a family of four siblings. In 2010, we approached her parents and asked to have them enrolled in our program so that they could attend good schools and build opportunities for their futures; but he refused.

After several trips to visit him, in 2012 he finally agreed to let Meenaz be educated at an English medium school in our program. At that point, Meenaz was eight years old. After completing high school, Meenaz enrolled in university and graduated with a bachelor’s in business economics (BBE). She is now enrolled in courses to pursue an MBA.

Unfortunately, her other siblings did not fare as well. During the pandemic, Meenaz’s father married off his 17-year-old daughter because he could no longer afford to support all of his family.  When his health began to deteriorate and he was no longer able to work, he reached out to us and asked to have his other two children enrolled in our Education Program. As they started when they were much older, they will only be able to complete grade 12 and do not have much hope of being accepted into college programs. Meenaz’s mother is a domestic house cleaner who earns very little.