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Empowering Girls Through Education: A Glimpse into Our Work in Rajkot

Following a productive visit to our office in Porbandar, where we strategized with our India team on program instructions and budgets, we ventured to Rajkot to forge a partnership with a Girl’s Hostel. This collaboration aims to provide a supportive environment for girls pursuing further studies, offering them access to nutritious meals, supervision, and a conducive space for learning. Despite facing challenges such as familial loss, the girls at the hostel receive abundant care and support, fostering their growth in a nurturing environment. Additionally, our engagement with past and present AKESI members continues to guide us in identifying areas of need, ensuring our educational initiatives make a meaningful impact in communities across the region.

Supporting Education in Rural Gujarat

The newsletter recounts our visit to rural Gujarat, such as Sasan and Chitrawad, where the organization sponsors farming families and students. Our team explored challenges faced by students commuting from remote areas and heard personal stories like Hiren’s, the son of a school bus driver who was admitted to the prestigious Aga Khan School in Chitrawad. We also helped a little boy and his sisters who belonged to the Sodha family. Despite obstacles, the Shukhar Philanthropic Organization remains committed to ensuring education for students like Hiren and concludes with reflections on the significance of our work in Porbander.

Journey of Generosity: Hostel Expansion in Junagadh

In this newsletter, the journey from Mahuva to Junagadh unfolds, highlighting the hospitality of the Gangani brothers. It details the expansion of the boys’ hostel in Junagadh, emphasizing the collaborative efforts to provide education and a nurturing environment for underprivileged children from surrounding villages.

Enrollment Success and Compassionate Initiatives in Mahuva

This newsletter highlights the successful enrollment of 50 students from small villages in the Mahuva region, with heartfelt thanks to the Mobh and Vasaya families for their generous hospitality. Amidst discussions with council members, a new Tiffin Service initiative is announced to provide meals for seniors facing nighttime hunger, and a heartwarming commitment to facilitate rickshaw rides for children of women involved in “Buy the Bride” schemes, ensuring access to Jamatkhana and Religious Education Classes. Together, these initiatives reflect our ongoing efforts to empower and support our community members.

Bringing Hope and Support to Remote Villages Around Mahuva and Rajula

This edition explores the challenges welfare candidates face from 15 villages surrounding Mahuva and Rajula as volunteers establish a home base to reach out to older people in need. We have heart-wrenching stories of seniors struggling to make ends meet, with a spotlight on individuals like Sadique Bhai, who, despite amputation, found resilience in selling bananas. Witness the impact of the welfare program in addressing urgent medical needs and providing financial support, exemplified by the journey of a young boy with enlarged fingers and Salimbhai’s quest for medical attention in Rajkot.

Challenges Faced in Bhavnagar

Following visits to Ahmedabad and Sidhpur, the team encountered numerous widows and seniors in Bhavnagar. They were badly shaken by the harshness of COVID. The area grapples with increased challenges, including migration-induced debts and repercussions from past “Buy the Bride” programs, revealing the strain of the expensive cost of living on welfare recipients.

Our Visit to Sidhpur Hostel and Agha Khan School

We visited Sidhpur Hostel and Agha Khan School. Our trip highlighted the hostel’s challenges, hosting fewer girls than its capacity. Despite this, the management ensures a comfortable environment. Notable achievements include four girls excelling in Board exams, while Shukhar Philanthropic Foundation remains committed to addressing their health, educational and economical issues.

New Year, New Challenges but News Hopes as Well – Thanks for Your Generous Donations!

Happy New Year from The Shukhar Philanthropic Foundation. We pray for your happiness and prosperity. Winters are harsh in Gujarat, and we needed some warm clothes for our seniors. Our generous donors made it possible, and we distributed 100 sweaters this month. There was a big feast for the Salgirah Khushiali Meal, and our students got some pretty clothes  – Thanks to our kind-hearted donor. We faced a major challenge of transporting seniors to/from Jamatkhana, but our donors also helped us overcome this challenge. We have 5 rickshaws dedicated to our 35-40 seniors. Students are back to school after the Diwali Holidays, and we are also pacing our efforts to bring the best for our community. Keep blessing these lives with your generous donations.

We Need More Sponsorships - Spread the Good Cause in Your Circle!

Shukhar Philanthropic Foundation is happy to share that our students have already started their 2023-2024 schooling year. We are extremely thankful to our donors for making this possible. Many other students also need sponsorships, so spreading the word in your circle is the only way to overcome these challenges. Let’s join hands and bring positivity to these students’ lives.

Shukhar Philanthropic Foundation’s Team Reviews About Gujarat Journey 2023!

As we summarized our Gujarat Journey, our team had to share heartful reviews about our hard work and dedication!

The Final Destination - Porbandar

We visited Shukhar Philanthropic Foundation Gujarat’s main office in Porbandar. Met with AKESI Staff as well before we left for Ahmadabad. We flew back to Canada on January 24th.

Our Visit to Maliya Hatina Hostel, Girnar School And The Astha Mental Institution

January 20th was filled with the memories of our visit to Maliya Hatina Hostel, Girnar School And The Astha Mental Institution. We had a memorable evening as well.

January 19th – A Bumpy Road To Chitravad

From mount Girnar to the bumpy ride, our tour to Chitravad was a pleasant memory. We have things to share about The Aga Khan School, Chitravad.

A Long Drive From Bhavnagar To Junagadh

On January 18th, we visited The Podar International School. The quality of education is exceptionally brilliant and we have a few students studying there under our sponsorship.

Meet And Greet With Our Welfare Recipients

We sat down with our welfare recipients in our Council Chamber and listened to their issues. We also attended the wedding of Razia’s driver’s son.

Meeting With Kids Of Hanumanth and Happy Kids Primary schools

Our next day (January 16th) was also busy. We met with the kids of Hanumanth and Happy Kids Primary schools. There are a few issues that require special attention.

Our Visit To Mahuva

On January 15th, we reached Mahuva. We had 90+ families under our support, so we tried listening to their issues. We have some stories to share as well.

January 14th – The Kite Flying Festival in Bhavnagar, Gujarat

We enjoyed The Kite Flying Festival with lovely lunch and dinner with our Bhavnagar Team. We also discussed some issues faced by Jamat.

Our Visit To Aga Khan School And Hostel, Sidhpur

We were picked up at 4 AM from the airport and visited Aga Khan School And Hostel. We met 41 girls sheltered under our programme.

The Beginning Of Shukhar Philanthropic Foundation’s Gujarat Journey 2023

We are all set for Shukhar Journey 2023. Experts from various disciplines have joined us for this noble cause, and there is much to accomplish.

Highlighting Our Student, Farzana Abwani’s Remarkable Journey With Us!

The Gujarat Journey Team wants to celebrate the successes of our hard-working and diligent students who have made remarkable progress and achievements. Introducing Farzana Abwani, who we first started supporting, along with her family members, in 2006.

Mental Well-Being Is At The Very Core Of The Shukhar Philanthropic Foundation!

Our work in Gujarat has brought us face-to-face with individuals and families in desperate need of help dealing with mental illness. Rahim, Riyaz, Sarfraz, and Salim are a few examples. More and more Mental health cases are being reported amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Brave Ladies Of Malia Hatina Hostel!

Over the last 17 years, The Gujarat Project has brought young girls and boys to Girnar School, staying at Malia Hatina Hostel. Under the Students Sponsorship Program, it has been possible for them to acquire an English Medium Education and better job opportunities.

Launching Our Interactive Website Within The Next Few Weeks!

Our hard-working and most talented web designer, Ashif Rashid, promises to build an interactive, easy-to-navigate, and user-friendly website for Shukhar Philanthropic Foundation. You will be able to monitor our work frequently and learn where and how your generous donation is utilized.

Desperate Families Of Gujarat Need Special Attention Amid Covid-19!

India is facing a catastrophic level of Covid-19 and its variants within its vast population. Under these harsh and difficult scenarios, the students and families under our programs desperately seek help and support from us.

Our Gujarat Team Is Working Tirelessly In The Thick Of The Pandemic!

From Sponsoring 11 students staying at our hostel to promptly responding to medical emergencies, our Gujarat team is trying its best to carry out its responsibilities during the pandemic. Our ESL program now includes Malia Hatina teachers and students.

We Distributed Over 300 Care Packages To The Covid-19 Affectees!

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc in the lives of our students and welfare families in Gujarat. The staff members prepared over 300 care packages for distribution with the help of the local authorities. This proved a lifesaver for many!

Forging Partnerships With Institutions - Together We Rise!

One of the highlights of our Journey Through Gujarat 2020 was visiting the institutions we work with. We met with the heads and leaders of these institutions. We have visited Malia Hatina Aga Khan School, Chitravad Aga Khan School, and many other institutions.

Reflections Of Our Journey Through Gujarat 2020!

This three- weeks long, 4000 kilometers Journey took us to many villages, towns, and cities where we have our sponsored welfare families and students. We met many of the 160 students and many of the 35 welfare families in our program. We have a lot to share with you!

Gujarat Journey 2020 - Our Stops At Rajkot And Sidhpur!

Our last stops were Rajkot and Sidhpur, where we visited our senior girls. We were given ample time to meet with all 28 of our sponsored students one-on-one at Sidhpur hostel. Munira Nagji, the founder of Acts of Love Canada, accompanied us to the Sidhpur hostel this year.

Gujarat Journey 2020 - Insights Of Our Visit At Mundra Boys Hostel

Currently, only eight boys from ultra-poor families have nowhere else to go. Unfortunately, nobody is passing through there to donate, and the hostel has run out of funds. We stopped by to address important issues at hand.

Gujarat Journey 2020 - Our Visit To Chitravad And Mundra Aga Khan Schools

While in Malia Hatina, Razia went to Chitravad for a day, and Nusri stayed behind to train teachers of Girnar School. Besides discussing various education-related issues, we took the opportunity to discuss the welfare of our sponsored students.