Sahil Jessani

Success Stories Sahil Jessani

Sahil Jessani was admitted to our program in 2010, when he was only five years old. Born to parents that are both deaf and mute, the family was overjoyed to learn that he did not have any disabilities when he was born. He has an older sibling, who was also born with a hearing disability and is deaf.

Sahil’s family lives in a one bedroom house, that they own in a small village. Besides his parents and sibling, the only other member of the family is Sahil’s grandmother, who is able to speak and hear and who was the only medium of communication that the family had within their community.

Sahil is a very bright student who has completed Grade 12 and is now enrolled in college, pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce Degree. In the future, he hopes to obtain a position specializing in International Banking.